| Interview With Benny Hsu

Interview With Benny Hsu

After I started to network with a bunch of bloggers I came across the blog

After reading his blog posts and seeing his blog comments on my blog and other blogs I knew I had to get an interview with Benny.  If you check out his website and hear from what he has to say you will see how nice of a guy he is.

He has done a fantastic job growing his blog quickly and makes his blog look really good as he does it.  He has a lot of useful blog posts, a sleek blog look, and he is very active in the blogging community commenting on a variety of other blogs that are similar to the topic of his blog.

About Benny Hsu

His name is Benny Hsu, pronounced “shoe”. People always spell it wrong. He’s use to it. He is 33 and lives in Jacksonville, FL. He is quickly growing his blog and can be followed on Twitter @Benny_Hsu.  To learn more about Benny check out his about page on his blog.

Questions & Answers

Hi Benny. Thanks For The Interview.  I See Your Blog Receives A Lot Of Comments. How Do You Recommend People Increase Comment Flow On Their Blog?

Thank you Michael! The main way I’d recommend to get more comments is to comment on other blogs. When I say comment, I don’t mean leave a one or two sentence comment. Leave a well written comment that adds to the post or extends the conversation. If the post really was great, tell them!

After you’ve left a comment, take a moment to retweet it. Make sure you have their @name so they know you retweeted it and they’ll see it came from you.

If you get on their radar, they’ll likely come to your blog, read your content and leave a comment as well.

Also at the end of your post, ask for comments! Ask them questions and tell them to give you answers. Ask for their opinion. Just ask.

When people do leave comments, be sure to reply to them. If a new visitors comes to your blog and sees comments but no replies, they’ll be less likely to leave a comment. If they see you engaging with others, they’ll be more likely to comment.

Plus replying to comments increases the number of comments to your post. Let’s face it, social proof is a factor. If someone sees a post with more comments, they’ll likely want add their own.

I See You Are On Triberr. How Much Traffic Has This Source Generated For You? I Honestly Haven’t Seen A Lot Of Twitter Traffic Come Into My Blog From This.

I’m enjoying Triberr. At first I didn’t notice a huge spike in traffic. Just a handful of clicks. I think it was because I was in a tribe with people writing about making money. My personal development content wasn’t what they were looking for.

Then I formed my own tribe and found bloggers more aligned to me. That’s when I saw my traffic go up. It’s not big but for example my last post “34 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 34 Years of Living” brought 89 clicks through my tribe members. For me, that’s on the higher end. For myself I get about 70-90 clicks every time I have a new post sent through Triberr and my reach is 155,243. I know some who reach millions of people!

How Do You Come Up With Your Blog Post Ideas?

I’ll come up for some by thinking of my own life experiences. Some I’ll get from a single quote and build a blog post around that. Some I’ll get an idea from reading.

The best ideas have come from looking at what other bloggers have done. Go to blogs you enjoy reading, find their most popular posts. Look at a format that really interests you. Borrow the their formula. Don’t copy their content of course. Make it your own.

A great example would be my latest post “34 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 34 Years”. As part of the homework I have for a online course I’m doing, we were to recycle a proven content formula and make it our own. I took my post idea from Man vs Debt, who did that post and become one of his most popular ones of all time

Another really popular formula are posts like “XX things you didn’t know about me”. I’ve seen many bloggers do it and have success from it.

There’s nothing wrong with recycling post formula. You just have to make it your own.

How Do You Market Your Blog To Generate Traffic? I Find Majority Of My Blog Traffic Is From Google And I Want To Get Away From That Source Of Traffic.

My main source of traffic, besides direct traffic, is Twitter. I guess I’m writing great content that others want to share. I really do my best and appreciate that. I spend a lot of time on Twitter because I enjoy it. I find content to read from there and like to share other content.

I see my Facebook traffic growing as well. I haven’t really used Google+ much but I know an A list blogger who said Google+ is his third highest source of traffic now and that’s just from posting a link but having many followers. So look to utilize social media for traffic.

Finally I see lots of traffic coming from other blogs. I may get a mention in their post that brings traffic. Lately I’ve gotten a lot of traffic from Smart Passive Income after Pat mentioned my post in his. I was truly surprised and honoured!

So getting in front of the right audience will bring more visitors. Look into guest posting but make sure you’re writing for a target audience. If you write about blogging, then writing for a personal development blog won’t get you many visitors.

I did a guest post for a blog about writers looking to write a novel. Not sure of their traffic levels but I believe there was a community of engaged writers. I wrote about eliminating distractions. It brought zero visits.

How Do You Recommend I Can Optimize My Blog To Improve Earnings Online?

I’m not an expert but can give you some advice based on what I’ve learned. When I go to your blog, immediately I am overwhelmed with so much information. Lots of links, blog posts, and colors. I don’t know where to look first to be honest.

If you look at blogs like, or a favorite of mine, you see how simple it looks to a visitor. You see the newest post, the navigation bar and their subscription box. They show you want they want you to see.

You’ve got to really distinguish yourself from the other “make money online” blogs. Why would I read your blog when I can go to Smart Passive Income or Problogger to get my content? You have to find what’s unique about your blog. Who is your target? You can’t just target people looking to make money online. That’s so broad. How will you teach them? There are so many ways to make money online. Start off with a more narrow focus. Once you start to build your audience, you can branch out more and talk about other topics. It’s not impossible to stand out in a crowded niche. The good thing is you know there is a market for it.

Also try and build up an email list. If you have a dedicated email list, you can form a closer relationship with those readers. Don’t spam them with offers but provide them with an e-course or a free ebook. In turn, they give your their email address. From there, engage with them. Provide great value. Treat them as humans and not just a list of people.

Some people sell to their list and have success. Some prefer not to. You just have to see what will work for your readers. If they are true fans, they won’t mind an occasional offer about a product you use and recommend.

Note – this review of my blog was before I changed it over to my new current design that has less distractions and has more focused content.

Which WordPress Plugin Would You Recommend To Your Readers As The Best Plugin You’ve Ever Downloaded?

That’s a tough question Michael! I love plugins. I get carried away at looking at new plugins for WordPress but I have to hold back because I don’t want to be running too many.

If I have to pick just one, I’ll go with one that I get the most questions about.

The plugin is called ReplyMe. It’s only for WordPress. If bloggers are using DISQUS, it’s built in I believe.

What it does is it sends an email with the original comment and the reply to the commenter when you reply. What I like about it is that it lets them know you responded to it. Makes them feel their comment was appreciated.

I personally may not go back to see if a blogger replied to my comment. I’d rather not take the time. So I like it when I leave comments on blogs that use this.

It’s tough to pick my favorite one but it would have to be ReplyMe.

Thanks Again For The Interview Benny. It Was A Great Pleasure To Have You Here On

Thank you Michael! This was my first ever interview so I had a good time. I hope I helped you and your readers with some value and information that can be used right away. Contact me through my blog if anyone has further questions!


Hey Benny – thanks so much for doing this interview. I am glad I could get the first interview from you! I am sure you’ll get a lot more in the near future.

You are doing a great job on your blog and appreciate all the answers you gave me for my interview. Some quality content that I’ll need to digest and learn from. I am sure my readers will learn plenty from this interview as well.

Thanks again and I’ll be sure to be following your blog on a regular basis in the future.

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